Friday, January 23, 2009

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Friday, July 27, 2007
you dont need a reputation when you're god.
maybe stars and stripes mask the aching hearts beneath them, maybe we're all really a part of this, maybe our army is stronger than the centuries.
counted down the moments. planets colliding and imploding; all we see are lightshows because were stapled to the dusty carpet of our earth with our hands behind our heads. nothing looks as good as you feel.
trapped in a ceramic room, press your forehead against the cold tile and let the tears run down your face, you cant see anything through the falling water. let me be human. let me believe.
the roof of the world.
imagine four ships sailing in opposite directions.
west east north and south. this is the way my mind is pulled, inversely, and its completely out of character for me.
i am the fountain(head).
i lie only for/with you.
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take a vote, the eyes have it. but the knives have our back. "An ending fitting for the start you twist and tore our love apart your light fingers through the dark shattered the lamp- into darkness it cast us..." "No you've got it the wrong way round- just shut me up and blamed it on the brown" cornered the boy kicked out at the world, the world kicked back alot fuckin' harder... If you wanna try, If you wanna try there's no worse you could do (oh oh oh) I know you lie (I know you lie) I'm still in love with you (oh oh oh) Have we enough to keep it together? or do we just keep on pretending (and hope our luck is never ending)... you cant stand me now, you cant stand me...." posted by xo @ 7:00 PM
Thursday, March 22, 2007
bury me now, we'll figure out the rest later.
now and later.
just like the candy.
only with how i feel.
gotta check the woodwork in my house, because everyone seems to be coming out of it lately.
the lies i read make me laugh most of the time,
but honestly sometimes it makes me not want to believe in this anymore.
thank god for all the reasons i have to believe in the form of heartbeats and letters written and rewritten over again in shakey hands- shakey heads.
thank god i have had so many reasons for smiles lately-
not picture smiles.
the kind you had before all the worry started.
and i for one cant remember then.
its in a history book somewhere im sure.
dust it off.
patrick and i are working up something youll never see coming.
new academy rcord makes me smile.
fob video is finally done. feels like wait/weight has been lifted.
what do you expect from the honda civic tour? i want it to be our best ever.
posted by xo @ 7:30 AM
2-4-2003this is farewell to falling in love with all the wrong hearts, to screaming the worst story you've ever heard. i'll confide in only paper and die by the phone on saturday nights [no love is safe]xo2-5-2003the moment you realize that there is something wrong with you that you just can't fix is liberating. no matter how much i focus on it. the words just follow me around. have i said too much? stop me before my throat starts bleeding. god, what's wrong with me? it happens every single time. there is something wrong and i can't fix it.xo2-6-2003you've got a friend in P.A. when i'm driving these hills are filled with houses and rooftops just clipping the skyline. the outlines of smokestacks and bridges against the night remind me i am so far from home. from the back of the van i am filling notebooks (that you'll never see) just for you. i'll never wake up to eyelashes falling on the brownest eyes. i'll never get to roll to you and makexo2-11-2003dont have enough time in the day to do anything. god i love my parents. i never thought this would get this big- it's so weird. it makes me feel dumb and nervous. i am leaving again tommorrow. i don't really know what to say. the right words never come out when you're around. you remind me of cherry coke- i don't know why.xo2-16-2003here's to wishing things that could never happen and knowing that my wishes never come true. here's to 5 degree weather everywhere i am. here's to this keyboard not working. here's to sleeping in a trailer with a bunch of cats. here's to phonecalls that never come in and rarely go out. here's to missing you.xo2-24-2003this is me trying not to ruin anyones life. this thing is dead. no more words or ambiguity. i'm sorry. -----------------------------"To give up entirely. Give up in the sense of offer up rather than abandon."xo6-15-2006me and you underneath the honeymoon. I'm not sure if you know but every night I've ever had that white hoody I slept with it. And when you had it back it was hard for me to sleep. And everytime I've ever left I kissed that thing you drew on the board in my room. Now I don't have either. Anything you've ever done I could forgive or forget. Except this. It was something I held sacred and Ixo8-1-2006From arkansas. This is all a strange dream. And by this is all. I mean california. Nothing is as it seems. It is through the looking glass or down the rabbit hole or whatever fairy tale you want to believe- Nothing has felt real since I've stepped off of that plane. I curse the light off of this city that hide the stars from my eyes. But at the same time I am secretly always wishing on them. Forxo

1-8-2003i never want to feel like this again. "Laetitia, you got my hand shaking, I'm begging you to please stop breaking my heart because I got the feeling that you and I will never really get it on. So I'll leave my door open all night in case you decide you want to stop on by. Because you got to know who's been singing that song on the radio. The one that goes... Girl, come to me. The onlyxo1-9-2003"dr. jones, no time for love, we've got company!" so great.xo1-10-2003he said "wreck me, i'm all ears and scars". she said "boys like you try so hard to not look desperate". so put another notch in your lipstick case cause you took me down and always let me know that i'm overrated and forgetable. cause this is all i got. and jealousy doesn't look as good on my as it does on you. you know how to keep me hanging on, but i know how to make your make-up run. the offerxo1-12-2003someone needs to buy me the lilo and stitch dvd. i mean this is getting out of hand. besides i think i kind of look like stitch.xo1-17-2003sometimes when you think hard enough you can truly imagine someone dead. and it feels okay.xo1-21-2003lets meet pete wentz: 1. i am 23, i look like i am 17. this is often a problem. 2. i am probably a less shitty guy than you have heard 3. but shittier than you wish i was. 4. i dropped out of college to do a band, how cliche. 5. i was vegan for 8 years, then i remembered cheese pizza was the best thing on earth. now everyday is like christmas. 6. i am straightedge. 7. i'vexo1-22-2003i feel myself withdrawing. im sorry. it's the only way i can deal with leaving. it's criminal. call the cops and lock me up. cause i don't have a clue what i am doing. i'm sorry i'm leaving.xo1-26-2003i'm sorry i don't call. i'm sorry i can't-nevermind. it's no choice to either say goodbye or to just leave- it's more like the difference between getting shot in the knee caps or the face.xo1-27-2003he misses her.xo1-27-2003"...I'm sorry i yelled. i'm having a bad week and i miss my mom."xo1-31-2003-this is my story, love, day one to now... i'm background music to a silent film and now the curtains falling down...xo

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