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"my love is electric..."
friday, september 01, 2006new york has been insane. the monkey on my back. personified by simi. he was amazing. all of the pictures where it looks like me and joe are kissing him are actually us blowing on his face, it kept him calm and sorted. he is in love with hot air being blown in his mouth- and besides who could ever expect us to dress in some designed bullshit for anything- 1880s represent. capes and monocles. but he represented us. i just cant even say the way the tears welled up in my eyes when i realized we could never be let down by you guys. everytime i think youre over us or whatever. it just makes me stutter. sorry for sounding stupid. im a bit tired. we have some cool things in store.back to the studio this weekend. we will be back next year with new songs that might catch your ear if we are lucky.smiles can come in the most unlikely of places. i am letting myself be happy. so thank you. i adore the reflection of the way you see me, even if i dont believe it. yes, i have a mullet. yes, i think of you far too much.i promise you that you will love the new cobra starship record. the perfect soundtrack to makeout until dawn and drive home listening to. it will change your insides.youd never guess but you made me bloom. by accident.congratulations to our good friends in panic at the disco, 30 seconds to mars and all american rejects.happy bday, joey t."tonight... i am a drug you cant deny...."i miss hemingway. but honestly, thank you.posted by xo @ 3:06 AM
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plain jane and the boy next door.
sunday, august 27, 2006there is one single pair of eyes that could ever decode any of this.put another "x" on the calendar. summer is on its deathebd. there is simply nothing worse than knowing the ending- that no matter what curve balls or uphill come your way- it still turns out the same. this year its stripes and pumps, last year it was dancefloors and you. she keeps talking, i keep staying the same. did you ever change your mind about someone and then just realize it was a fucking haircut. put me in a frame on your wall, just to keep me out of trouble. i gotta say i admire bob dylan for being honest about his new record. noone ever is. its like when the ad campaign rolls out everyone is smiling and at their best even if they are not sure. an affectionate friend told me everything i ever needed to know about anything."freeze! put down that fucking laptop!". everything is always either digging a hole or digging yourself out of one. and just when you have it all figured out you should just sift through your pile of "never again"s. quite a collection. blow off the dust. im sure they will be worth something to someone sometime. its buzzing in the back of your head and out of your fingertips. pull back the shade- the road outside of my house is paved with good intentions. but it is hell on the undercarriage of the car so we're gonna have to hire a construction crew. i wonder if anyone else things of you as much as i do, even you."If I should call you up, invest a dimeAnd you say you belong to me and ease my mindImagine how the world could be, so very fineSo happy together..."a mutual misunderstanding. kaleidoscope eyes sparkle on pillows in the dark. and i dont care what anyone thinkgs of that except me. put the love on hold, anticipation is on the other line and excitement called while you were out.imagine me and you.....posted by xo @ 10:41 PM
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i miss planes but i miss you more.
friday, august 25, 2006sid and nancy.posted by xo @ 1:15 PM
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a little life, alot of death (i want to be known for my hits not my mrs.)
thursday, august 17, 2006i should probably not be typing in this mood. i wish there was a lock on the keyboard. it is too enthralling in a state like this. just like all of this has always been. the world around me has changed as if overnight. "for someone so smart you are acting pretty stupid". i cant focus on but like three thoughts in my head but i am completely wrapped in them. they keep me warm at night. i pray for something to crash into me and smash me back to something more simple. i pray for fistfights so i cant be knocked out and wake up in the e.r. i wish for disaster so i can be razed. im telling you if i could do any of it again, im pretty sure i wouldnt. fuck your life under the microscope. fuck your leading man. you have no idea i wish for five years ago. and not in the way you would imagine either. "you are unfixable". my eyes are washed out but they dont feel clean. they are strong you know not the athletic type, but could definitely used to carry heavy bags. im guessing in any real light i will delete this, apologies in advance. whatever caption is written next to the picture is the exact opposite of me. i am mapless. you are caught. lets go out and get forgotten.bad news travels fast. and i am the worst of it.i am staring at the most beautiful creature on the planet. he has no idea he is so perfect, it feels like i made him up. i cry into his coat. he has a spot over his eye like dogs from 80s movies. i will always remember the day i met you."leave your feelings in your heart boy".posted by xo @ 11:58 PM
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thursday, august 17, 2006i have carefully ruined every single aspect of my life. in truly new and novel ways.i was told a tour story of bob dylan- how when you were in his crew on the road with him. when he had his hood up it meant you couldnt talk to him and when he didnt you could. it kind of made me laugh in some strange way.but mostly it made me think.posted by xo @ 3:57 AM
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the sky is strange half a world away.
friday, august 11, 2006i cant wait to get home to you.posted by xo @ 8:51 PM
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since j.t. is bringing sexy back, i guess i am out of a job. is borders hiring?
friday, august 11, 2006what is the opposite of amnesia? because that is what i have.sometimes i cant find my way around my memories.i have to take detours.i think you were the best one.its like it was never really going anywhere and alot of breakdowns but really it made for the best trip.its strange to land here and be completely out of place.but at the same time not really.i never really felt like i understood anything anyone was saying anywhere so how different can this be?its like it always was.i have affection imprinted deep inside my head.its why i am always on the verge of love or giving up.or thats what i am convinced of today- tomorrow it will be something new.dear drugstore cowboy, the chemical balance is a bit off.its 7 am in california, 11pm in japan.but my head is always on central are you gonna get your way out of this one pete?baby you are a canary and i am a coalmine.the moon is out and its convincing me, it has me all kinds of crazy.maybe we'll just go to sleep and wake up on the summer sheets i grew up on.because how could any of this be real."answer the phone, i know that youre home. i want to get you alone...."posted by xo @ 7:04 AM
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i spend most of my days in airport longes waiting.
thursday, august 10, 2006i am a time capsule.put something inside of me. i will show it back to you on your eyes are always rubbed bestfriend has been designed to perfection- down to the spot over his eye.everything else is wrecked and broken down on the side of the road, and thats if im always up until it gets light out. waiting.for things that never leaving on a jet plane, dont know when ill be back my wallet i carry a letter filled with words i have never told anyone.maybe one day ill get some courage and a the ruiner of hearts.posted by xo @ 1:19 PM
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"we didnt care when dylan went electric"...
wednesday, august 09, 2006i leave for japan pretty soon. late tonight the moonlight carved its way into my room as though it was light as day. i was sitting here reading kerouac but not a story, just his journals- him writing about writing. i need to adventure. i need to hear your stories. to hear you singing the words back. to meet you. or else this is all worthless. a house filled with things that dont matter.icantwaittogetalive.i worry that you wont be listening to the new songs and hanging on the new lines.but youve never let me down before.i miss you so much it hurts to think about.posted by xo @ 5:51 AM
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heat makes for the strangest of thoughts
sunday, august 06, 2006the only inevitability in life is death.from the moment we are born we are slowly is the only thing that remains horrifying.time to go outside, and play.posted by xo @ 2:13 PM
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dear 310,
sunday, august 06, 2006you can truly think yourself to pieces.writing too fast for you to keep up.and why would you want to anyway?true oranges and sedated blues.or is it the other way around?i am millers paris.she is always humming. i hate it.i wish for autumn. i am always thinking of breath in the air and leaves burning somewhere. somehow i attatch it to feeling a running home from school kind of way.just as easy as you run away from your problems, you can run home to them.moodswings have kind of become protocol around here. like something you have to cross off of a checklist and then have your supervisor sign.there isnt enough breeze in the suburbs tonight.i imagine them to be like italy sixty years ago, only with less flamboyance and wider head is sticking to the pillow like sleep doesnt want to let me go."diary-ing" hard lately. its terrible that i hate what i am most known for.its like i always just wanted to mean something more than me and than the goddamned second i did, its all "woe is me". its getting old.i want to be make me want to be be shot out into space or to discover a cute for something terrible.i cant lie, there is something nice about the midwest. calming.where your waiter is just your waiter and the doorguy is just your doorguy not the place where everyone wants to be something they're not.not as though it matters but it feels safer.she looks at me like she knows how fragile i am.noones hot forever.but i, we, all have inside of us continents like he said. vast and lush.full of guns and first the two were different by definition.but they are the same. linked if only by the way that you will always remember your first ones.then she said "many african cultures dont believe in the concept of future".fuck your futures.posted by xo @ 12:08 AM
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the last thing i think of before i fall asleep and the first thing i think of when i wake
sunday, july 30, 2006regardless of what stars i end up under- for the best and for the worst-you have made me who i am. and i try to make myself more decent and better only because of you.happybirthday.posted by xo @ 3:05 PM
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everytime i get up he follows under my heels, no matter how asleep he is.
friday, july 28, 2006as i run away from everything i have ever known. just whisper in my ear."and the tears come streaming down your facewhen you lose something you can't replacewhen you love some one but it goes to wastecould it be worse?Lights will guide you homeAnd ignite your bonesAnd I will try to fix youHigh up above or down belowWhen you're too in love to let it goBut if you never try you'll never knowJust what you're worthLights will guide you home"so obvious. so much more brilliant than i could ever imagine to bright and shine. its dark. im sorry ive come so off course.tell the pilot to clear us to land in your backyard.posted by xo @ 11:02 PM
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and we conspire against ourselves. ("are you lying?" only if her lips are moving).
wednesday, july 26, 2006you spend every waking moment and many sleeping ones thinking of one heart, one person. you let it slip, they let it slip. who knows where it all begins or ends. but as it falls to pieces you keep grabbing them and collecting them less like for a museum of things that used to matter and more like you are going to keep putting it back together. except there are akways a few pieces missing each time. deep breaths. slow your heart beat. the road winds. there was a time before you always felt like this. try to remember pete. you are being pulled in every direction. everything is bigger under the microscope. you want it to be simple. you make it complicated. "hey, pete- i am middle ground. how come we've never met before". sometimes i wish i could re-engineer the path from my heart to the tip of my tongue and let my head have a shot at it. i dont got bigdreams, i just want to be okay. it comes down to my word versus your word versus the worlds word and i dont think i want to anymore. im worn out. my head is full, my eyes are empty. the dog loves the salt in the corners of my eyes and on my cheeks- i am nervous about cutting it from his diet. and i could and should be, and jealous of it, from the children on the street walking hand in hand with their mothers to the homeless man content with his world of a bench. and noone knows the way i spend my nights counting the individuals grains in the tiles in the bathroom, the coolness of the floor the only comfort- or if anyone does they dont want to ehar it, i cant blame you... i dont even want to hear it anymore. in the mornings the world is blurry. it comes in and out of focus. this is when im the worst. when i awake from a dream to realize that none of it was real possibly of the things stranger than realizing you are alone in this world is realizing that you are not.pupils the size of baby worlds.every bad decision is put on file for later viewing. mapquest your way back to me, take a turn for the worse and then continue for .5 miles.i want to file a restraining order against myself.and i want to be myself again looking at my reflection in your eyes from the first time i failed you. i am nostalgic for disaster. i want it back.he sleeps sound. he has no care for what buzzes and changes in the world around him.because of this i envy away from a city because of one single heartbeat. it doesnt make sense.its not that i dont trust you, actually it is. and i dont trust myself when i think of you. i sell myself out.i wish you were awake right now. i just want to let myself be happy.posted by xo @ 3:53 AM
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we used to talk on the phone every single day (nooneknowshowitreallygoes)
sunday, july 23, 2006its strange the way people will window shop on your life or score it for style and personality and everything about me is just a cerfully constructed collage of magazine articles and flashy pictures.i am (not) real.the puppy is purple after spilling a grape soda on himself. he then ate the tropic of cancer by miller. paperback, so i guess it went down easier.sometimes the days spent all by myself in my head are the scariest.its enough to make you want to pack it up and call it a day.all i can do is read and write and wait.ihavecodedmessagesforyou.aretheygettingthrough.posted by xo @ 8:32 PM
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my phone cuts out in the same place every single day ("the gospel of gossip").
saturday, july 22, 2006it feels like there is so much to say.but it can only be said in songs.please dont go so quickly."The city with fires of night seemed an archipelagoWomen asked the love and for the dulieBut in my eyes of male horror I rememberThe busy ones of the evening were never prettyThen the day returned but sometimes without sunTo draw up the houses coast at coast at the edge of streetsWhere our lives with the other smilar lives are mislaidLives trailing their shade while passing in the streetIntercalated in the year they was widowed daysBloody and slow Fridays of burialsWhite and whole blacks come from the skies which cryWhen the woman of the devil beat her lover"guillame appolinairesend me a flashlight. i cant seem to find my faith.iwishicould.posted by xo @ 2:17 PM
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i am a lazy sunday afternoon.
sunday, july 09, 2006me and you and a view.posted by xo @ 4:27 PM
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the fraternal order of the handsome boy.
saturday, july 08, 2006ive been watching you from breath on the inside window as you walk in from the carcandy caned lies in red and white against clashing patterns bending in and out of understanding."youre the stranger ive been dreaming of", stranger than any ive ever through a telescopic lens. when the air is clear i can see how perfect you are for me.late at night when the city sleeps i cast a spell on youto make you think of me the very same way i think of you.i only love how the words feel in my head when i write them.fireworks over the can i tell you i gut people for a living.that everything you say is likely to end up as evidence when i rewrite history.over and over everything you do reminds me of something else, someone i get paid to be humble and arrogant at the same time,to be chased and never caught.that i just want to stay up late and wake up early to talk to you.that i want to show you all of my jealousy and insecurity and have you not care.youre like a light switch and i just want to turn you on and watch them all shrink away.the words come out of my fingertips on impulse. it is head cant keep up.i envy the comatose. i admire the bedridden.i am addicted to the way i feel when i think of you."im blowing smoke rings around the moon...."i wish i was the exact opposite of how the world knows me.posted by xo @ 3:25 PM
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im so sorry, but not really. ('straighten up and die right')
friday, july 07, 2006i said i want to be rebuilt like a frank lloyd wright only without all of the water damage.or painted over like a monet only less blurry.she said "no, youre something different".like what?"something better".it gave me the rush of warm blood like you see in cartoon dogs right before their eyes pop out and all of the bells go head is spinning like a car off of an icy me what you are made of.your eyes were always rolling but youd titlt your head so they were somehow always still stuck on me (have your cake and eat it too).i feel safe but not like a bet more like the way mothers feel when they lock the car doors in bad neighborhoods.i am blue waves across the red rootlike veins in the bodies drawn flat in medical books. i wonder at the way that someone can write thousands and thousands of pages about my insides.when i met you i gave you a name- not your own- bu in my head so i wouldnt ever mix you up with anyone so ordinary- i cant tell you- but to me it meant only wanted reaction.but i cant be bothered.not anymore.ill see you in the spring. first pew on the left. wear your white veil and dont forget the words.warped tour. sun drenched days. bestfriends. new long salvation.dont worry your pretty little heads.i am sleeping safe tonight.posted by xo @ 11:40 PM
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his and hers.
friday, july 07, 2006sometimes i cant wait to be forgotten.i wish i could put up an away message in real life and just go to sleep forever.posted by xo @ 3:10 AM
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sex and the city (the part theyll never tell you)
saturday, july 01, 2006its strange here this time of year. because the weather never is always summer here. so it doesnt feel like the same desperate love of these three pages on the calendar. or at least not what i am used to.patrick and i wrote a song yesterday. not a hit single or maybe anything that would even turn your head.noone knows how it goes.sometimes the worst wishes are the ones that come true.yellow and white lines to the can learn to love anything if its around enough.some people learn to love their mistakes.shakes hands. "thank you, our time is up".what keeps you coming back?i got a long rap sheet.(the statute of limitations is running out on you pretty fast).the powders wet. the sparks arent coming.the hammer isnt hitting. its can learn to love anything.posted by xo @ 11:22 PM
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what are they going to arrest me for? being awesome?
tuesday, june 27, 2006i woke from this dream today: i was riding a motorcycle in the desert with this world jumping next to me the whole time. it could jump really far. then my dad was there and he said the wolf was bad news and couldn't stay. i lost it and picked up one of those desks with the table attatched (you know like from little house on the prairie) and asked him if he wanted to die. he said yes. then i threw the desk and he said no he didnt right before he died. i then woke up and brushed my teeth but the toothpaste tasted like it had gone bad. then i woke up for real.kind of crazy.i had to call my dad and make sure i wasnt throwing desks at him over wolves. you for thought again, consider this crash dieting.patrick could sing the phonebook and you would still swoon.currently writing songs.sometimes i watch kids in spelling bees and get so jealous of the talent they have. i wonder what it would be like.did you see the corners of my mouth turn up for a second today? cause i caught you looking.more tomorrow. i miss being on tour. i miss playing shows every night. i hope you love the new songs so we can play more shows.cantsleepcantsleepcantsleep."we must never be apart" barflyread: death in installmentsposted by xo @ 1:12 AM
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i am your best imaginary friend. (white lies, gray love).
sunday, june 25, 2006at the end of it the only thing that we are promised in life is a hole in the ground. sometimes it gets you through the rough patches just to think that you could change someone. it makes you love them to think that they would change for you. but like i said before its more like the james bond series than anything else- different actors, same character. same shitty dialogue, same shitty songs for the same hearts. and anyone that says any different is a goddamned liar or worse, is just too much of an optim to pay anything mind. talking to you is like selling fire in hell. it can be done, but youre probably gonna have to tell a few white lies to make it happen. and anyone that changes only does it in front of your eyes and changes back when in the blackness of their own room. anyone can paint a gutter to make it look like gold. it only feels strange when the paint washes away. "love me with your head, not your heart". cigarettes on window sills. i love the way the smoke curls off of your lips. it makes me think we are in a period piece until the lexus hybrid drives by the front of your house. its efficient, just like you. went to the pride parade today just besides no one gives a compliment like a drunk gay man. when you are thinking about the first place where it all went wrong- please keep me in mind. you are ancient history- whichever side of this sentence you are on doesnt feel so great. you lob reassurance at me only im playing a different game. somtimes you just want to know that all is okay with the world and that you can sleep tight. only it never is when you need it to be. i keep talking and never say a thing. sleep easy. be well.i am still. i cant think of a single thing. it hits me like a wave. get me out of my mind."ransom notes keep falling at your mouthmid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut outsspeak no feeling no i don't believe youyou don't care a bit you don't care a bit"i am a sentimental pessimist, dont blieve the fucking smile,the hot mess.posted by xo @ 10:30 PM
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i pack heat like an oven door.
thursday, june 22, 2006the circles under my eyes are a sign that says "do not trespass".there is moss growing on the roof of my mothers room.i am jealous of the time she spends thinking of is bright. no matter what chemicals they spray it with-it thrives.and late at night the rain falls like bachelors for bad luck girls.i am jealous of the way it breathes the drops while i just heave.if i had any sense id send her a thank you note for the way my heart wouldnt ever give up on dad was a weekend warrior.but at least he was fighting.usually with my mother or mortgage broker on the other end of the phone,as i was hushed and pushed out of screen doors.if i had any sense id send him a thank you note for my sense of adventure.consult the map of a world that does not exist.simply part of the no future generation.only (st)all(ed) dogs go to heaven, only the worng dreams come true.sleepwalk of the stars. there is too much green to feel blue.i am jealous of the late bloomers as i am of the this world of shit. fertilize me.dont worry, youre safe.i am just a tiger sleeping in the shade.just tiptoe by.blackmail myself.give us what we want or youll never see what you love again.i thought you said you were "non habit forming".i thought you said you were "safe to use at night"."use only as directed" and so on.i came back to you.only its more like a relapse.count a thumb then two fingers in.thats the one i want.posted by xo @ 3:52 PM
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im pretty much just a lawyer with the way im always trying to get you off
monday, june 19, 2006i dont mean to have you worried or troubled. its the last thing i want. never take anything i ever say too seriously. youd need a search party to track my moods. who knows where they went? i guess this doesnt make sense. but in some strange way this is me saying thank you for always being there on the other side of this monitor.i am watching reality bites right now.the most exceptional thing about you is how ordinary you believe you are.i want to be kepy.i am a bull.she is a china shop.posted by xo @ 9:44 PM
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blue pills / black nights
tuesday, june 13, 2006history has proven thatyou can put despair on play/.repeat and it will go on forever.and if its loud and bright enough it doesnt matter how much money you have to buy the things you want or how brilliant you are told you are or how the right girls smile at you or how the best cameras flash at is all you will hear or see.posted by xo @ 12:23 AM
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lets be alone, together.
saturday, june 10, 2006"here we are, alone again. its all so slow, so heavy, so sad... ill be old soon. then at last it will be many people have come into my room. theyve talked. they havent said much. theyve gone away. theyve grown old, wretched, sluggish, each in some corner of the world". celine "death on the installment plan"i think i hear the tapping of rain on the roof but only in my head because i wish it so. i have some romantic idea of myself in some dirty apartment in paris writing words that will be cirtically analyzed and translated into languages from countries that i didnt even know existed. but this isnt france in the 30's and i dont have the knack for that kind of wit. tried to put my hand through a wall today in a disagreement i had with myself. i came out ahead and behind if you get my meaning. i think i just wanted a wound to take care of as they seem to be easier to look after than either a plant or a dog. stubborn and stupid are not far off from eachother in the dictionary. we have the same conversations day-in and day-out, im not sure why i even call anymore. just so its not just me talking to myself. though it seems to often be that anyway. im not sure if its schedule or even when it goes into remission its just a phone call or bad day away. i have to hope everyone and everything else is just like this as well or else this is gonna be a pretty lonely ride that goes on for far too long. i am looking at each word that proceeds the word i am currently typing. they look terrible to me right now. or even write now.dear liar, how could i ever ask you to stop. that would be like telling a carpenter he couldn't use a hammer or more like a surgeon he couldn't use a scalpel, because you are indeed precise.sometimes it feels like i am addressing myself.sometimes i think i always stay in hotels so i can be by myself surrounded bypeople who are also by themselves.posted by xo @ 10:36 PM
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Friday, September 15, 2006
jim dear and darling.
friday, june 09, 2006sometimes its like whats the point in anything. i am glad i have figured you out. it took one million times. but on one million and one i gave up on you. its the opposite of losing your virginity, its the opposite of glad i got the chance to be a complete nerd and talk to superheroes on the red carpet. im glad i didnt waste it on movies and people i wasn't obsessed with. i am glad i am three thousand miles away from you right now. i am glad for the view out of my window. it doesnt feel like a prison more like a new start. its funny the way a wish and a curse are so close to each other, just like a grudge and a promise.thank god that shit wasnt live cause i have a mouth like a sailor. not a boomerang and youre not badnews. were just nothing at all. thanks for helping me figure it out. two lies in one sentence has to be a new record for you, so congratulations.sometimes the people that i only know through these songs and this screen make up for ones i have known for years. thank you for your birthday wishes. they meant alot to me. whether you know it or not.the birds are starting to sing the world awake at my house. get here soon morning."i wish i could stop being around people, i guess i am just addicted to it."w.e.posted by xo @ 2:19 AM
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Stick around long enough and everyone becomes parody of themselves (see also: if it could happen to the egyptians if could happen to you).
monday, june 05, 2006As Egyptologists cast open tombs they serve gods like isis welcoming history back to life. it seems strange to think of the way that the very thing that gives me life, oxygen, tears through these tombs and disintegrates heirlooms that have lain in shadows for thousands of years youve done this 27 times beforem youd think youd get the hand of it by now- a night spent in the hotel room alone realizing how you always change tense mid-thoughts. You order room service for two because you don't want the hotel staff to think you could be this alone. Youre only as old as you feel. Then put a tow tag on me that reads "who cares". At some point you realize Its all a game of "this" or "that". now vs. then. "Better off" against "worse for the wear"- you know, id rather be a widow than a divorcee. Maybe that's just me. I just wanted to feel a part of something. You cant blame me but at the same time you probably should. I sat and stitched this Frankenstein relentlessly but you gave it that final kiss of life. The years are starting to take their toll. The miles show in the form of smile lines around my eyes.Some girls should get fixed like cats. Though I love the way she has memorized a list of canonized books that she tells people are "her favorites", even though they are pretty much just off of a list of "customers who bought this book also bought" and so on. She watches the history channel and acts like it gives her the license to input "facts" into every phone conversation I ever have. When she gets dressed up she says things like "I feel like im walking on air", and besides being obvious and derivative I also happen to know its not true. because ive seen the kind of shoes she wears and she always has to take them off if the car is parked too far away. Id hate it but anything sounds okay coming out of her mouth. Youre only still staring because in my mind I am reloading. Or the thing is fucking stuck in the chamber. Stutter. Its on the top of my tongue. Cant think of a single fucking segue. I wish my ego and my libido would trade places. I wonder how the pharoahs would feel if they realized they never made it across to the other side. They are sitting on the third floor of the natural history museum. Forever. If I die before you I hope they bury you alive with me. In my head that is how I love dont hate me, you hate the part of you that is like me. i cant sit here and ride my flaws until the end because the truth is i live the charmed life because of you and them. we are a gang. maybe its time to disband. im not sure i am thinking clearly but i just want you to know that i waited on you guys calls all night- they never came. i just wanted to say i miss you or im sorry or you know something that would have meant something to you. i would have made it poetic and memorable or at least something you could laugh at while drifting off to sleep. always trying to relive the glory days.i dont care how poorly these sentences were constructed or how in the light of day i will wish i had not written them- right now i can only curse the fucking light off of this stupid western city because it wont ever get dark enough for sleep but otherwise how could you guide your way back here?my head always feels warm right before i pass out, i always worry that there is something wrong and i wont wake up or you know i will. promise me that you wont take anything i ever say too seriously.posted by xo @ 12:18 AM
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a letter to myself 10 years ago, from myself today (idea lifted from d.e.)
thursday, june 01, 2006dear peter,the first and foremost. i miss you. not the people around you or the world you call yours. i am not who they say i am and by "they" i mean the lovers and the haters. i am in between, still normal and ordinary. i dont know what you would think about the place i am standing right now. its funny i never pictured myself here, simply because i did not picture myself existing anymore. i am sure you know what i am getting at. its kind of funny almost. after seeing the top and the bottom you have to say there is a much better view from the top, but you have alot more friends at the bottom. even when im trying to disappear its halfhearted. im almost there. you know? the only thing you got is that goddamned pen forever. it will be buried in your hand. youre gonna leave alot of things but none of them will include: unconditional love, modesty, grammar, or impulse control. id like to think that you wouldnt hate me. but who am i kidding? spotlight or no spotlight thats always kind of been your thing- its just kind of funny that its in fashion right now. i never did anything just for a buck back then, and i still wont. dont give up on me. some ways i think i am walking away from all of this as we speak. here are some books you should read they will make your head rest easier at night more importantly they will help you understand yourself:the old man and the seaour lady of the flowersthe green hills of africathe motel lifethe every boythe heart of darknessfirst love, last ritestake care of yourself. i am waiting on a letter from ten years from now.posted by xo @ 2:05 PM
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"the language i speak is hate and my verbs are my fists"
wednesday, may 31, 2006clam up everytime you ever try to say anything real to anyone outloud without the red light or microphone.endearing? pathetic?lose the question marks.edit.we should do this more often.reality television without the cameras.a ticket. a miss. a loss. a cancellation.i am the hot mess,"downtown girls" are more fun, forever. like he said.there is not a single word i could write that would make you understand how i feel right now.please return my spirit to me.its 8am pete, dont you dare go to sleep.posted by xo @ 12:03 AM
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10 dollars.
monday, may 22, 2006Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds?Paul Varjak: The mean reds, you mean like the blues?Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you are getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?Paul Varkak: Sure.Holly Golightly: Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name!posted by xo @ 8:09 PM
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at night your body is a canvas
friday, may 21, 2006and i am the greatest artist that has ever lived.currently: trying to lose all my sensitivies and sensibilities. gotta keep running even though we lapped them. trying to become the person i am supposed to be.posted by xo @ 1:12 PM
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if i could do this all over i dont know that i would have called anyone at all.
saturday, may 20, 2006"all i ave in this world is a pistol and a promise, a fistful of dollars, and a list full of problems".spent the day figuring out my size in jeans and then buying two sizes smaller. the rest of the day will be spent painting them on my gets harder everytime i have to pull out of your driveway and fly out of your life. this thing was the reason i met you and you are the reason i wrote the words and it is the reason we are ruined. itd be funny if it wasnt so guessing that if you looked up jealousy in the dictionary- there would be a picture of me.i heart upton sinclair even though he did not write the above quote.posted by xo @ 4:52 PM
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is that your ego in your pocket pete or are you just happy to see me?
friday, may 19, 2006the truth is it feels foreign everytime a face graces the cover of one of "those" magazines or one of "those" countdowns. because all of the words are about how i wanted to cut my insides out. it makes me feel uneasy. the smile on my face is just so you wont ask whats the i thought about walking into traffic. not to die but because i am fascinated by injury. its probably good that "those" thoughts are so fleeting.someone thought theyd go out and teach my heart a lesson.lil' wayne "the carter 2" is keeping me out of my mind.posted by xo @ 1:24 AM
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friends that lay together, stay together or how the thoughts in my head go, unfiltered
wednesday, may 17, 2006forgive me for not showing more remorse- apologies were never really my thing- outside of feeling sorry for myself. the last nail in your coffin got stuck in the mail. youre gonna have to wait. until then focus on love below the waist. they say your head can be a prison- consider this a conjugal visit. my dad calls girls he dated back in highschool "old flames"- like it makes them feel better in his own head. he always asks my mother if "he's still got it?" but would anyone answer this question with a "no", like ever in history? its like i can't think of myself getting older without thinking about the way my father is 30 years older than me. theres not much that terrifies me more.if i ever freely gave out the details of any of these events- theyd fucking lock me up and throw away the key. but thats okay as long as the place has 24 hour room service and a stocked mini bar.everything everywhere is a roll of the dice. and the best way to make it through life with hearts and wrists intact is to realize "two out of three arent so bad". except when you throw a hail mary and its not caught. dont be all on anyone, ever, except yourself.ive got alot of "Friends" but only one or two friends. you wouldnt like me if you saw the inside of my head but you might love me anyway.everyone sends everyone the same lyrics as though they were written exactly for their hearts. but they werent. they were written because someone had a mortgage to pay.noone owes me anything. no empathy or truth, little trinklets or kind words. at the end of the day im just a boy. and i know that. im okay with that.she is a STARVINGmakeupARTIST. we exchanged sloppy kisses in the rain until i realized she was only in it for the rain."tell the world to leave me the fuck alone, ie "please find me a home"...posted by xo @ 3:01 PM

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